You take the blue pill, the story ends… you take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland



Forge info card


Forge is sooo fun! Loved it! It really is fun. Did I say it’s fun? Enjoy readin this writeup as much as I enjoyed rooting this box. Enumeration Service Scan w/ nmap The information displays 3 open services running on the system. FTP, SSH, HTTP. Port 80 I have decided to begin with port 80Continue reading “Forge”

Secret hack the box info card


Enumeration Service scan with nmap We have discovered 3 active ports, 2 of which are http service and we have to analyze them from within our browser. Port 80 We see it is a website that contains a tutorial on how to register a user, login as user and basically operate the API. Port 3000Continue reading “Secret”

Oopsie hack the box


Enumeration Service scan with nmap We understand from the service scan with nmap that there are two ports that are widely known for their capabilities. Web Application on Port 80 Nikto Whenever we have a web application, I like running a quick Nikto scan against the target to get information about it fast. I wouldContinue reading “Oopsie”


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