Kostadin Ivanov

BA of Science with Honours in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity. With a passion and experience in computer security, digital forensics, data recovery, penetration testing, network security and traffic analysis.

A stoic. His love goes out for adrenaline hyped experiences. Being fascinated by the human potential he challenges himself every day to provide value in quality and understanding in empathy.

For him, ancient history and the epics of a glorious past have taught him respect to traditions and humbles him to know about how great of characters existed in the past. Kostadin continuously dream of being a man people can look up to one day and take courage to become better. 

Profession ~ InfoSec Consultant @ProtivitiBG

How do you know whether or not your organization’s and customer’s data is protected & safe?

Being part of the Protiviti’s Attack & Penetration team, I conduct a rich variety of vulnerability and penetration tests in order to provide you with a valuable insight about your system’s strength against cybercrime.

The Vulnerability Assessments help you better understand threats and risks by identifying weaknesses in your systems, including the human factor. While the Penetration Test help you fully understand how the identified vulnerabilities can be exploited to gain a foothold within your organisation’s systems and compromise your security and data’s safety.

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BSc(hons) Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity 
Coventry University – Digital Forensics | Network Management and Design | Ethical Hacking | Systems Security | Operating Systems | Computing 

Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking University of Bulgaria  – Malwares and Viruses | Wi-Fi Attacks | Social Engineering | Systems Hacking | OSINT 

English | Russian | Bulgarian